Monday, July 28, 2008

My Little Froggy...

On the last day we checked out of our rooms but still had a few hours to swim before we headed home. Kaitlyn loved these little lilly pads, you could hop from one to another. It took her a few times to get it, but then she wanted to do it over and over!

Waiting in line...

There she goes!

So cute!

She made it!
The beaver was lots of fun to climb on too!

Day 2 Continued...

After we got cleaned up, we all went to Fuddruckers for dinner!!! It was really good. Then we headed back to the hotel.

Everything about vacations are fun!
Especially when Memaw gives you your own Dr. Pepper!

Kaitlyn & Noah with their Papa & Memaw

This is a good cousin!!! Noah couldn't reach the peddles,
so Joel reached under and pushed them for him while Noah
played this race car game!

How sweet!

Kaitlyn playing skee-ball!

We love Great Wolf Lodge!

Memaw, Bekah & Kaitlyn

Linzi & April

Our Family

All the mommies...

Group Picture!

Day 2

We were ready early for another day to swim! Noah loved the inside area. There were small slides and water toys everywhere for him. He wanted to stay there all day! So we'd have to take turns watching him in there, and the other could take Kaitlyn to do some of the the water slides. She loved them! She was very brave. Bekah would take her and they would go on some together. She loved getting to have Bekah all to herself! The outside was alot of fun too. There were lots of basketball goals in the shallow, fountains and other fun stuff for the kids to do.

The kids area...

Miss Kaitlyn

Noah loved squirting everyone!

Look at that face!

He loves his goggles!

Linzi is so happy! She is always clapping!

The outside area.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dinner Time

That evening, after about 4 hours of swimming, we got cleaned up and went to Rio Mambo! That is one of our favorite restaurants! After we got back to the hotel, we went straight to bed so we'd be ready for the next day! The swimming pools stay open until 10 but our kids were ready for some sleep!

Joel, Kasey, Kaitlyn & James

Karey & I

Joel & Noah - he loved that they were both wearing green

So Kaitlyn wanted her picture with Kasey since they were both in blue!

Michael, Kaitlyn, Joel & Noah

Me, April, Bekah & Karey

This is what Noah's face looks like when he's with his cousins!

We love Rio Mambo!

James & Karey

Becky & David

Ready to swim!

We all checked into our rooms, then quickly got ready to go swimming! The kids areas were so much fun! They were perfect for Kaitlyn & Noah especially since they can swim now. There was a lazy river and wave pool all inside! There were also some big water slides Kasey and I got to go on since David, Becky & Karey were all sweet enough to watch the kids for us while we went on them.

One of the kids play areas...

This kids area was perfect for smaller kids.

Linzi and her Daddy, Kody

Kaitlyn & Bekah

Are we there yet?!?

Kasey's parents planned a really fun get-away for us all. We went to Great Wolf Lodge! We didn't have a very long drive, but the kids were so excited they could barely sit in their seats on the way there! Our niece Bekah spent the night, and rode out with us. So she got to hear all of the "Are we there yet?" and "How much longer?" Ha ha!

Kaitlyn & Bekah

Noah - he was howling like a wolf

Me & Kasey - look at Kaitlyn behind us :)

We're FINALLY there!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Noah's 4th Birthday!

I can't believe my little boy is already 4!!! Noah was so excited about his birthday. He decided a long time ago he wanted a cowboy swimming party, which was very fitting since he's spent the past year in his cowboy boots! Grandma & Granddad were very sweet to let us have his party at their house! This worked perfectly because we were right in the middle of our move! We got together with friends and family to cook hot dogs, swam, then have birthday cake. It was such a fun party!

Happy Birthday Noah! We love you so much!!!