Saturday, September 27, 2008

All Aboard!

We went to ride the train and play at the park with some friends from church! Noah was so excited, he loves having things to look forward to for himself, since Kaitlyn is in school. The weather was perfect, and the kids all had a blast!

Mr. Noah

Me with my sweet boy

What a monkey!

Noah and his adorable friend Ava

It's always more fun with popcorn!

Sweet friends

and some more...

Ava & Noah
These two were hilarious together!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Run for the Rings

Who is the fastest kindergarten girl at school? Kaitlyn is! Can you tell I am a little proud?!? Kaitlyn had a run at her school. She woke up that morning and told me she was going to win, and I told her she just needs to do her best and have fun. She took off a little behind the other girls, but when they rounded the corner we saw her in the lead! She won a medal, and they had a really neat ceremony to announce the winners. Future track star maybe?!? It was a great day. It was alot of fun to see her playing with all her new friends! She has some of the sweetest kids in her class!

Kaitlyn & her sweet teacher Mrs Clark

Kaitlyn & Brailey

Kasey & the kiddos

Noah, me & Kaitlyn

And they are off!!!
Kaitlyn - about to cross the finish line!

The Run for the Rings Ceremony

Way to go Kaitlyn!

Friday, September 19, 2008


We had a great time at the Homecoming Game this year! Burleson was playing Mansfield, which is where my sister and her family lived. It was funny! We all wore shirts to show our school spirit :) Kaitlyn was a little confused! She told me she was going to cheer for Mansfield since Emma goes to school there, isn't that sweet? I quickly helped her changed her mind but she just loves her cousin! We met alot of our friends there. By the end of the evening the kids were totally sugared up (we brought candy from the parade) and exhaused but we had such a fun night!


Two future football stars

Go Elks!

One more bop for uncle Jeff!

Too funny!

Burleson vs. Mansfield

Gabe loves his skittles

I love this picture!

Emma & Kaitlyn showing their school spirit!

Kasey worked the game so we had
to track him down for a family picture!

Some of my favorite girls!

All of our group

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Homecoming Parade

We took the kids to the Homecoming Parade downtown. It was alot of fun, definately a new tradition! Noah loved the football players! He's decided he wants to play next year! Kaitlyn loved the Homecoming Princesses. They waved as everything passed by. Alot of the people in the parade threw candy to the kids, so I told Noah to yell Hello so they would see him and Kaitlyn. He was hilarious! He was so excited he stood up the whole time, waving really fast and yelling Hello at the top of his lungs! Kaitlyn looked a little embarrassed at first, but she loved the candy being thrown to them so she didn't complain! They each left with their own bag FULL of candy! It was a really fun night!

Kasey & his sweet girl

Noah & me

Here we are! (This is what happens when we ask
a stranger to take our picture, at least one of us gets cut in half!)

Kaitlyn - I LOVE this picture!!! Beautiful!

My sweet kiddos

Rare moments :)

In the meantime, while we waited for
the parade they found a tree!

These two little monkeys had a blast climbing...

and hanging!

The Parade Begins!
(Aren't they soooo cute sitting there waving?!?)

And they're off! Yes, I realize they are barefoot -
its kind of gross but we are from a small town!

They got every last piece thrown!

Noah - so proud of all his hard work!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy 60th David!

We all got together to grill steaks and celebrate Davids 60th Birthday! It is always fun to get together, it's not often enough since we are all so busy! But we had a great time. David and Becky are always doing so many things for everyone, it was great to be able to celebrate him on this day! We love you lots!

Master Grillers - Kasey & James

Noah loves his Papa!

Karey & Michael

Michael & Noah

My adorable niece Linzi

Joel - he hides from me when I get my camera out!
But I found him :)

David & Becky - too cute!

Becky & Kody

Kaitlyn, Linzi & Princess Becca!