Friday, September 26, 2008

Run for the Rings

Who is the fastest kindergarten girl at school? Kaitlyn is! Can you tell I am a little proud?!? Kaitlyn had a run at her school. She woke up that morning and told me she was going to win, and I told her she just needs to do her best and have fun. She took off a little behind the other girls, but when they rounded the corner we saw her in the lead! She won a medal, and they had a really neat ceremony to announce the winners. Future track star maybe?!? It was a great day. It was alot of fun to see her playing with all her new friends! She has some of the sweetest kids in her class!

Kaitlyn & her sweet teacher Mrs Clark

Kaitlyn & Brailey

Kasey & the kiddos

Noah, me & Kaitlyn

And they are off!!!
Kaitlyn - about to cross the finish line!

The Run for the Rings Ceremony

Way to go Kaitlyn!

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