Saturday, December 27, 2008

Kaitlyn got her ears pierced!

Kaitlyn has always told me she NEVER wanted to get her ears pierced! I told her that it was her decision and we would never make her. Well, right before Christmas we were at the mall and walked by Claire's and she started saying "I'm ready! I want my ears pierced today!" So we went into the store and it was soooo busy with everyone doing their last minute shopping but I told her if you still want them pierced after Christmas we can go get them done but today is not a good day. She was so upset! She cried "You said it's my choice!" Honestly I thought she would change her mind the more she started thinking about it, but she didn't. So after Christmas, I took her to get them pierced. She was really excited until we got there and she got a little nervous.... but they were so fast it was over before she knew it! She was really brave! I was so proud of her. Her earrings look beautiful!
Kaitlyn before...

She was explaining how they pierce your ear!

Now she is getting a little nervous...

Making sure the dots were even


The new Kaitlyn with earrings!
She was trying really hard to smile for me here!

Feeling much better now!
She chose her birthstone, they look so pretty!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Coby's Party

My sweet friend Coby and her husband Brian had us over for a Housewarming/Christmas Party. Their house is BEAUTIFUL!!! We had alot of fun! We were able to catch up with friends we don't see often enough! They had elk burgers that were really good! I hadn't ever triend them before. We had a cookie exchange too, which is always lots of fun because you get to take home some of all of the yummy cookies! :) We had a great night! Thanks for having us over Coby!

All the Girls :)

The guys stayed pretty glued to the Cowboy Game!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Shanna's Surprise Party

We were invited to our good friend Shanna's surprise party! Her husband Jason, planned the party at Main Event. We waited for her in one of the private rooms. She was so surprised, she had no idea! We ate dinner, played some games, and then went bowling! After that some people played laser tag. Kaitlyn was tall enough to play so she went with Kasey. Noah had to sit out until he grows a few more inches! Poor guy! Kasey said Kaitlyn was so funny, she caught on really quickly and most people didn't see her at first since she's shorter, but then they looked down and there she was with her little gun aiming right at them! I wish I could have seen that! We had a great evening! We hope you had a happy birthday Shanna! Thanks for including us!

Jason, Shanna, her parents & Jase
He wasn't sure what to think about it all!

Me & Shanna

Getting ready to bowl!

Cloe, Kaitlyn (yes, she's cross-eyed and she thinks its hilarious)
Matthew & Millie getting their bowling balls lined up just right!

Noah was explaining to me what his ball was going to do!

Of course, Kaitlyn chose the hot pink ball! :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Martin Family Christmas Party

Kody, April & Linzi hosted the Martin Family Christmas Party this year. They had the funnest ideas! We all wore our pajamas, and had breakfast food for dinner. Everyone was so comfy, it was great! There was a contest for the best adult houseshoes, and best kids houseshoes. Noah won with his spiderman slippers! We had a travel coffee mug exchange among the adults which turned out to be alot of fun and everyone was happy with what they got! The kids exchanged coloring books and new boxes of crayons. After the gift exchange, we all got our hot chocolate ready and loaded up into our cars to go see Christmas lights. It was alot of fun! They did a great job planning this party! Thanks guys! We had a blast!

April, me & Linzi

My nephew Michael
I love his Dr. Pepper pants!

He held still just long enough to get a picture with me!

Aunt Brenda was in charge of the pancakes!

Adorable sisters - Audra & Amy!

Nanaw & Aunt Judy

Trina & David

Linzi & Becca

I love my sisters-in-law!

This is why we love them so much!
They are soooo much fun!

My family at the pj party!

Miss Hannah & Miss Linzi look adorable in their tu-tus!

They were trying to decide which
present they were going to choose!

I love this picture!

Kasey - so proud of his new penguin cup!

A King Is Coming To Town

Kaitlyn and Noah were in a Christmas Play at our church called A King Is Coming To Town. They were both in the choir. They were so proud of all the practice they put into the play and were so excited that so many people in our family came to watch them perform! It was adorable! Noah said he can't wait until he is older so he can be an actor in the play! That would be interesting!!!

Noah showing his moves!

Kaitlyn loved learning the dances!

James as the King of Rock n' Roll
Too Funny!

They used these pictures as they told the Christmas Story.
Noah was Joseph!

My Angel Noah :)

Kaitlyn & her sweet cousin McKinzie!

Noah & Hayden - don't they look alike?

Me & Amy

Kody & Becky

Becky & Kasey

Emma & Kaitlyn - I LOVE this picture!

Jeff & Dad

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Kaitlyn's 1st Field Trip

Kaitlyn had her first field trip in kindergarten to Dollar Tree!!! I was a little surprised when I read that is where they were going but it was actually a really good idea... they have been learning about wants vs needs the last few weeks. So they each brought $1 and could choose 1 thing from Dollar Tree, either a need or a want. It was really interesting to see what they all chose! The bow and arrows were really popular for the boys! Kaitlyn chose a bottle of aspirin! That cracked me up! All of the items they bought were donated to a local charity that helps families in our community. It was a lot of fun. I'm glad I could come along and see her with all her new school friends!

She was the more excited about
the bus than the actual field trip!

Some of the kids all showing me what they chose!

Me with my big kindergartner!

Kaitlyn with some of her buddies!

Nanaw's Christmas Party

Nanaw was so sweet to plan a Christmas party this year just for the kids. She had ornament crafts for them to make, yummy snacks, face painting and even a visit from Santa Claus! The kids had so much fun! They love seeing their cousins. It was great to have something planned just for them. Thank you Nanaw for planning such a special Christmas party!

Making ornament crafts with glitter pens!

Hope & BJ

Mike, Trina & Hannah

Noah told Santa Claus that he wanted 16 transformers!

Kaitlyn asked for a real lion

My adorable niece Linzi

All the kids with Santa Claus

They LOVE to get their faces painted!