Monday, December 15, 2008

Shanna's Surprise Party

We were invited to our good friend Shanna's surprise party! Her husband Jason, planned the party at Main Event. We waited for her in one of the private rooms. She was so surprised, she had no idea! We ate dinner, played some games, and then went bowling! After that some people played laser tag. Kaitlyn was tall enough to play so she went with Kasey. Noah had to sit out until he grows a few more inches! Poor guy! Kasey said Kaitlyn was so funny, she caught on really quickly and most people didn't see her at first since she's shorter, but then they looked down and there she was with her little gun aiming right at them! I wish I could have seen that! We had a great evening! We hope you had a happy birthday Shanna! Thanks for including us!

Jason, Shanna, her parents & Jase
He wasn't sure what to think about it all!

Me & Shanna

Getting ready to bowl!

Cloe, Kaitlyn (yes, she's cross-eyed and she thinks its hilarious)
Matthew & Millie getting their bowling balls lined up just right!

Noah was explaining to me what his ball was going to do!

Of course, Kaitlyn chose the hot pink ball! :)

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