Saturday, December 6, 2008

Kasey's Birthday

For Kasey's birthday this year we all went to Mercado Juarez for dinner. After we ate, he wanted to go to Bethlehem Revisited. It is put on by a church, it is a re-enactment of what Bethlehem would have been like when Jesus was born. There are little shops, and you can watch how they made flour, olive oil, rugs, and other things they used back then. There are lots of animals like camels, chickens, sheep. There are also Roman soldiers. Noah didn't like them at all! He told us he was going to beat them up! The people always stay in character but they interact with you as you walk by. We followed the wise men to find Joseph, Mary & baby Jesus. It was such a fun evening. We will have to go back next year!

The Birthday boy and his Dad

Emma, Kaitlyn & Memaw

Grandma, Gabe & Noah

Granddad & Grandma

Jeff & Tiffany

me & Kasey

Family Picture

Grandma & Memaw

The kids petting the sheep

One of the Roman soldiers

Kasey & I

The wise men bringing their gifts to Jesus

One of the camels!

Emma holding a baby chicken

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