Friday, November 28, 2008


We spent Thanksgiving with the Martins this year. We alternate years with our families since we can't be at both every year! We ate (way too much) lunch and then played games, and played outside. It was really warm so the kids played on the new swing set and rode bikes. We had a really fun day. We love our all family!

Kody, Kasey & Noah - Martin boys!

Kaitlyn with her sweet cousins Linzi & Bekah

Our Family

My ghetto niece :) just kidding!

Miss Hope

Noah riding his big boy bike!

Noah loves his cousin Joel.
He told me the other day that "Joel rocks!"

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Gabe!

Gabe had such a fun Batman party! He is 4 years old now! Tiffany made the boys each a batman cape, and they had batman masks! It was at a park so the kids played and rode bikes. Then, there was a visit from the real Batman! :) The boys were all pretty impressed! He couldn't stay long, he was off to fight crime but we got some really good pictures before he left! We had so much fun! We love you Gabe!
The Birthday Boy

Gabe & Noah - Best Buds

Emma & Kaitlyn

Noah loves his new helmet!

They are such big boys now!

Kaitlyn, Emma & Belle - 3 little cuties!

Noah, Gabe, & Brady taking it easy

Kaitlyn & Belle

The real Batman - aka Bruce Wayne according to Noah!

Gabe meeting Batman

Batman with all his little superheroes!