Monday, January 7, 2008

Fishing at Joe Pool Lake

It was such a beautiful day outside. The weather was perfect for a fishing trip! We went to eat Cousins Bar-B-Q for lunch and then drove out to Joe Pool Lake to go fishing. We have always fished with bread but today Kasey decided to buy minnows. I was expecting Kaitlyn to be in tears over using minnows! She is very into bugs, worms and that type of thing. But it really didn't bother her because she thought they were just swimming on her hook. She thought the minnows were adorable and wanted to take them home! We didn't catch anything but Kasey and the kids had fun trying! And I just enjoyed watching them :) Noah really surprised us today. Normally he is bored after about 10 minutes but today he practiced dropping his minnow in the water and reeling it back in over and over! Poor little minnow! His Daddy's & Papa's love for fishing has definately been passed down to him!

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