Monday, May 26, 2008

Emma & Gabe come to play!

Emma & Gabe haven't come over in such a long time! So when Tiffany asked if they could come over for a few hours while they go hear Jeff's sister sing we said of course! They boys loved building with lincoln logs and the girls wanted to have "girl time" in Kaitlyn's room. There was alot of giggling going on in there! We had mini pizzas and strawberries for dinner. Then we headed outside to jump on the trampoline and burn off some major energy and excitement! It is funny how kids voices elevate so much when they are excited! Maybe I notice this more because Kasey was asleep at the time. We came inside when they all decided they were hot and tired. I was just starting a movie for them when Tiffany and Jeff came back to pick them up. They were not ready to tell each other good-bye! So Tiffany decided it would be a perfect night for sleepovers. We packed Noah's little backpack and he put it on and said "Bye Mom" as he walked out the door like it was an everyday thing! He LOVES going to Gabe's house. But I still had to get my hugs & kisses before he left, I don't care how old he thinks he is! Kaitlyn & Emma had lots of fun together! They took baths, and then watched Barbie Island Princess! They went right to sleep after about 20 minutes of giggling. It was lots of fun having Emma sleepover and eat breakfast with us! I can't believe they are old enough to have sleepovers! Time flies by so fast!!!

Crazy boys!!!

Sweet cousins

Dinner Time :)

Trampoline fun! Noah being "cowboy puppy"

This is how they told me they wanted to sleep!

Goofy Girls


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