Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

My mom and dad invited us all over for Memorial Day. They smoked lots of chicken and ribs for lunch, and we swam just about all day! The kids are little water bugs! They all love to swim. Kaitlyn remembered how to swim from last summer so she was all over the pool. She was even jumping off the diving board, and swimming with her face in the water! She is so brave! Noah loves to jump off the diving board too with his lifejacket on! He says I just pop right up! Mom, Tiffany & I ran to Old Navy for their 40% off sale while the kids watched a movie with the guys. Thanks mom & dad for planning such an awesome day! We had so much fun! We love you!!!

My jello & cool-whip fruit salad. Perfect colors for Memorial Day!

Tiffany, Mom & Kaitlyn

My kiddos - so ready to jump in!

Grandma & Granddad with the kids
(you can't see it in the picture but Gabe is holding a baby frog!)

Kasey & his boy!

Uncle Jeff, Tiffany, Kaitlyn, Emma & Gabe doing a train!

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I found your blog through Tiffany's! I'm excited to know someone else who blogs. :) I'll be checking back soon.