Thursday, June 19, 2008

Leaping Lizards!

We have always had lots of lizards around our house! They used to freak me out but I'm kind of use d to them now! Kaitlyn is completely obsessed with bugs, lizards, worms, and that kind of stuff right now! It's kind of surprising, she is still a girly-girly but she loves bugs! She found a baby lizard in our house, so I caught him and put him in a jar so they could get a closer look. They loved him! They were trying to convince me we needed to keep him, bu t I told them he was so small he needed to go back outside and look for his mommy and they immediately agreed! But we enjoyed him for the time we spent with him!


Welch Family said...

We get them too! At first about a year ago I saw one in our house and was like- ahhh. Now we see them almost every night in our front doorway area, like a little family of them. It's pretty funny and I do sort of enjoy seeing them now - outside my house. :)

Edwards Family said...

HI all... so good to see you--Noah is HUGE:) Of course, I think he was still immobile when we saw him last. Good to catch up with you, love to see you are doing well:)

The Edwards
Ryan, Rebecca, Hannah, Nathanael & Thaddeus