Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Swim Day

My kids could swim every day and never get tired of it! They were so excited when I told them we were going swimming and their cousins, Emma, Gabe and Linzi were all coming too! Aunt Pam is visiting so we got to visit with her first! It was Linzi's first time to swim. She loved it!!! She splashed and kicked the whole time! Noah begged me to take off his life jacket so he could practice swimming without it and he did great! He can hold his breath forever! He preferred swimming to his Aunt Tippy more than me. So she had her hands full between him and Gabe. The girls were just all over the place! We are so glad we have a super fun place like Grandma's to meet and spend the day together!

Aunt Pam, me, Linzi, Kaitlyn, Emma & April

Ms. Linzi getting ready for her first swim!

Sweet Cousins!

Of course, there is always one that refuses to get in group pictures.

Linzi & April

Noah is doing great without his life jacket!!!

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Anna said...

Hey!!! I am so glad I found your blog. I have missed seeing chatting with you. You can find my public blog from here and I will send you an invite for my private blog cause I am weird and don't post pictures of my kids on my regular blog.