Thursday, October 9, 2008

Kaitlyn's Birthday

Kaitlyn's birthday fell on a Thursday this year so she had to go to school that day. She was so excited because they call the birthday kids name over the speaker in the mornings, and they get to go to the office for a surprise! She couldn't wait to tell everyone she was 6 that day! We all went to have lunch with her at school. She walked in proudly with her birthday crown on! That night we took her to Peter Piper Pizza. It was so much fun! They both loved all the games & prizes. It was a great way to celebrate Kaitlyn's special day!

Look how old she is now!

Noah was so happy for her!

She couldn't wait to go to school!

This is what he does when he gets excited!!!

We surprised her with flowers and 2 books!

She had to find the perfect spot for her flowers!
(I moved them shortly after!!!)

The Birthday Girl!

Isn't she cute?!?

Showing off her birthday crown

They loved this little ride.

Kaitlyn, Noah & Kasey

Me with my big 6 year old!

Our little sweeties!

Happy Birthday Kaitlyn!!!

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