Saturday, December 27, 2008

Kaitlyn got her ears pierced!

Kaitlyn has always told me she NEVER wanted to get her ears pierced! I told her that it was her decision and we would never make her. Well, right before Christmas we were at the mall and walked by Claire's and she started saying "I'm ready! I want my ears pierced today!" So we went into the store and it was soooo busy with everyone doing their last minute shopping but I told her if you still want them pierced after Christmas we can go get them done but today is not a good day. She was so upset! She cried "You said it's my choice!" Honestly I thought she would change her mind the more she started thinking about it, but she didn't. So after Christmas, I took her to get them pierced. She was really excited until we got there and she got a little nervous.... but they were so fast it was over before she knew it! She was really brave! I was so proud of her. Her earrings look beautiful!
Kaitlyn before...

She was explaining how they pierce your ear!

Now she is getting a little nervous...

Making sure the dots were even


The new Kaitlyn with earrings!
She was trying really hard to smile for me here!

Feeling much better now!
She chose her birthstone, they look so pretty!


Aimee and Lonnie said...

Congratulations Kaitlyn! You look so grown up!!! Hugs, Belle and Aimee

Pam Smith said...

I haven't been on here very much just saw this. Ours little Kaitlyn is getter so big. Love You